Basil oil and its multiple uses

The reason why essential oils have become so important and gained immense popularity is their enormous healing properties. They have been used since many decades due to various benefits that it provides on the skin as well as health.

In this article, we are going to talk about yet another major essential oil i.e. Basil Oil. It's a member of the mint family. This is also used in food products as it adds flavor. Also, its nutrients may provide various health benefits. For example, Using this aromatic herb in teas and supplements might be beneficial for health.
This article explains everything you need to know about basil oil ranging from its benefits to its side effects. Read on to know more about this essential oil and its remarkable benefits.

What is Basil Oil?

Basil oil is a type of essential oil often used in aromatherapy. It is a flavorful, leafy green herb that is obtained from the Ocimum basilicum plant. This oil offers a variety of health benefits.
It is a combination of several compounds which are very helpful in enhancing health. It has anti-aging properties which help in reducing wrinkles and improving complexion. It may not be wrong to call basil oil a natural remedy to clear out your pores and to give you naturally radiant skin.

Also, it has become quite popular in recent decades owing to its aromatic properties and magnificent antiseptic properties which help to treat acne breakout, suppress skin problems, soothe skin and improve circulation.

How Does It Work?

In aromatherapy, it involves inhaling the aroma of basil essential oil (or absorbing basil essential oil through the skin). This helps to convey messages to a brain region involved in controlling emotions.
This brain region (limbic region) also affects the nervous system. There have been a lot of studies on Aromatherapy that suggest that essential oils may affect various biological factors. For instance, heart rate, stress levels, immune system, blood pressure, and breathing.
Other than aromatherapy, there are many other uses of this versatile essential oil. Read on to know about them.

Uses and Benefits of Basil Oil

Deals with skin problems

Basil oil deals with skin problems such as checking off skin irritations, small wounds, and sores. It provides a soothing effect on the affected area and helps in the healing of diseases such as eczema.

Cleanses the skin

Basil leaves consist of such excellent components which help to unclog the pores by removing excess sebum, dirt, dead cells, and other impurities from them.

Treats Acne

Basil oil purifies the blood from toxins and reduces the outburst of acne. All you have to do is, mix basil oil with rose water and lemon juice and apply this on regular basis to get relief from acne.

Treats Dandruff

Dandruff is one of the reasons for thinning of hair and hair fall. Using basil oil helps with dandruff, simply mix basil oil with coconut oil and gently massage it on your scalp. This will prevent itching, nourish roots and improve scalp health.

Promotes Hair Growth

Basil oil has been proven to be an excellent remedy in increasing hair growth. Applying basil oil on your scalp will improve scalp circulation, which energizes hair follicles and promotes healthy hair.

Side effects

Generally, basil oil is safe to use. But the problems may arise when it is not used properly. For instance, it is not safe to consume basil oil by mouth.
Some side effects also include bleeding disorders, low blood pressure, and lowering the speed of blood clots. Also, basil oil is very concentrated, which means it can irritate.
Lastly, basil oil should be avoided by people taking blood-pressure or diabetes drugs as it may lead to other problems. Also, basil oil must not be consumed by pregnant women.

The Bottom Line

Basil comes with n number of benefits. It is very useful when it comes to dealing with skin problems. Not only that, but basil oil also contributes to curing few diseases.
Studies have shown that it aids in reducing stress and controlling blood sugar.
But obviously, few side effects need to be taken care of. Otherwise, basil oil is a wonderful product. Just keep in mind to consult your dermatologist if you are using it for the first time. As you should never be irresponsible in matters related to your health.



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