Beard care routine for noobs

You here for setting your beard up straight in no time? You’ve come to the right place. Hang on tight and buckle up while we take you through the process of taming your beast.


1. Washing the beard

Make sure you wash your beard with WARM water so that the pores of the skin open up nice. When the pores open up, they help the products(oils) do their work by sinking into the skin fast. You could either take a shower or wash your face, whichever is comfortable. Wash the beard with a beard shampoo at most 2-3 times a week and NOT EVERYDAY. Shampooing of the beard regularly removes the naturally occurring oils from the beard, which is not good for its health. Take a soft towel and pat your face up with it, not applying too much pressure.


2. Applying the right product

Apply a beard balm (if available) onto your beard. Take a small quantity, about the size of the tip of your finger and rub it between your palms so that it spreads evenly across your palms and rub them onto the beard, making sure you run your fingers evenly on the beard. Do this until the beard takes it all in. After applying the right beard balm, comb it thoroughly so that it forms a good-looking shape. Apply 2-3 drops of beard oil onto your palm and rub it thoroughly before rubbing it onto the beard. Rub it in an anticlockwise motion upwards on the beard and make sure that it sets into the skin well. Never apply the products in the night before hitting the bed.


3. Using the right comb

You have to use the right comb for your beard. Not the normal ones you use for your hair. Use “beard-combs” as these have wide separations so that the beard gets it grooming well for the right shape.
  • Combing your beard every day will ensure your hair grows in the right direction, eliminating ingrown hairs. This also helps grow a beard faster and more healthily.
  • Beard combs give you the look you want. Combing your facial hair helps you style your beard any way that you want. It also trains your hair to grow in a specific direction.


Why is it necessary to use beard oils?

Beard oils are necessary for your face as they provide the right number of vitamins for your skin so that your beard grows at a faster rate. They contain essential vitamins and essential oils that go deep into the follicles and give the follicles the right nutrition they require. Beard oils are especially required in winter because the skin gets dry. Keeping the skin dry is not suitable for the beard as the follicles under your skin will not be having enough nutrition to keep the beard healthy. This leads to the beard getting brittle and the skin starting to itch. To get rid of the itching, it is necessary to use beard oils as they tend to keep the skin moisturized all the time. The skin produces a naturally occurring oil called sebum that helps in the nourishment of the beard. As the beard grows big, the amount of sebum secretion by the sebaceous glands being constant isn’t enough to keep the beard strong. Using the right beard oils will make sure that they help supplement the naturally occurring oil(sebum) in the growth of the beard, keeping the beard moist all the time.


How many drops should you apply?

1-3 months 1-3 drops each time

3-6 months 2-5 drops each time

6-12 months 4-6 drops each time

12+ months 6-10 drops each time

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