Green tea - Great for skincare

Multiple studies have demonstrated that excessive exposure to the sun can not only darken your skin but also can cause superficial burns on your skin tissue. These superficial burns occur on the top layer of your skin, i.e the epidermis. They generally heal in a week or two’s time but they can cause discomfort. There can be visible redness and you might also feel some itch. And if you itch, you will scar the skin. These scars can leave temporary marks which aren’t attractive. This is a vicious cycle that takes away the charm from your beauty. Green tea can stop this cycle and it not only heals but also promotes the growth of healthy skin.


How is Green Tea different from the other varieties?

The primary difference lies in the manufacturing process of green tea. Unlike the tea that we usually consume, green tea does not undergo the same fermentation process. This preserves all the anti-oxidants and also prevents the tea from tasting bitter.


Green Tea for skin application

Unlike the traditional way of drinking tea, green tea powder can be applied to the skin. This natural skin remedy can help you in getting your natural glow back. The following are the benefits you can gain if you apply it on your skin -
  • Green tea also has anti-inflammatory properties which can help repair damaged skin cells and thus can be applied on the skin instead of drinking it
  • Due to the presence of anti-microbial components, green tea can treat acne and unclogs pores thus allowing your skin to breathe
  • Green tea masks have helped many in reducing skin irritations and redness
  • It is friendly to both oily and dry skin as it effectively removes the oil and hydrates the skin at the same time
  • The caffeine in green tea aids in reducing puffiness of the eye, making you look more energetic
  • It also is known to prevent premature ageing due to the presence of necessary vitamins that tighten your skin and make you look more youthful

How to apply Green Tea for skin application

Green tea is available in the market as a powder or as tea leaves. Both can be used for preparing an effective skin regiment.
  • For tan removal – Mix some green tea powder in cold water and make a thick paste. Apply it on your skin and let it dry. Once you feel your face tighten, wash it with water and pat your face dry. This works best before going to sleep. You can follow this up with a toner to keep your skin hydrated.
  • For puffy eyes – For this, you can use green tea bags. You can use the tea bags to prepare your drink first and then squeeze the liquid from the bag and keep it in the refrigerator for 5-10 mins. Take the bag out and then place it over your eyes and let it rest for 20-30 mins. The coolness along with the caffeine will help reducing puffiness.
  • For acne – Combining honey and green tea powder/leaves can give you positive results in reducing acne. Mix honey and the powder or ground leaves to get a paste-like consistency. Apply it on your skin and leave it for 15 mins. Wash it with cold water and pat the skin dry. Follow this daily or alternatively and you can see visible results. But this won’t work if you have chronic acne issues. It is recommended that you visit a dermatologist if you suffer from chronic acne.
  • For moisturization – For this, you will need only the extract and not the leaves itself. Boil the tea leaves or leave the tea bag in hot water for extracting the tea. Afterwards, let the liquid cool and pour in a spray bottle. You can spritz it as mist on your face. Do not use the same extract for more than 2 days and prepare a fresh batch every other day.

Benefits of drinking Green Tea

Originally from China, green tea has garnered wide popularity because of all its health effects. Some of which include the following :
  • If prepared properly, 100ml of green tea only generates 1 calorie of energy. Thus, substituting your regular tea with this can help check your calorie intake
  • Green tea is rich in polyphenols and these polyphenols are necessary to prevent heart diseases and other health ailments
  • It can elevate your mental alertness levels and thus it can be a great way to kickstart your day
  • Studies have demonstrated that drinking green tea can reduce the bad cholesterols which cause significant health issues

Side Effects

Like every other home remedy, green tea too, if not used properly, can cause harms. Over-consumption of green tea can cause liver toxicity and thus limit your consumption to one cup a day. Green tea is relatively safe so can be used on the skin but it’s advisable to perform a patch test.

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