Lemons – The key to good health

In today’s fast life, most of us have become ignorant about our health. While some suffer from indigestion, many suffer from skin ailments. Obesity is prevalent in young teens and even adults. As our lifestyles are becoming more sedentary than ever, many have realized its ills and have started taking control of their life and health. You too can switch gears and actively take control in gaining good health. Good health means a healthy mind and when your body and mind are fit, you automatically glow. One small fruit that can assist you in taking that first step to a fitter you, are lemons. Yes, lemons help!


Lemons: A small pack of goodness

·Vitamin C

Lemons contain vitamin C which is crucial for our body. This vitamin plays a huge role in the repair and development of all body tissues. It also aids in the formation of collagen, the protein that helps you look younger.


·Weight loss

The juice is wholesome and makes a great evening drink as it helps curb any unhealthy binge eating. Thus, helping you in checking your weight. It is best if sugar is replaced with a small amount of honey to prevent the intake of unhealthy calories.


·Increases metabolism

The juice of lemon contains good carbohydrates and proteins that can help you kick-start your day. It introduces good calories in your body and thus helps you feel energetic. Though, it is not advisable to take the juice in an empty stomach as the acid can do more harm than good.



The aroma of lemon has a special effect on the sensory organs of our body. It helps your nerves activate and improves not just blood circulation, but also body reflexes. This is one of the reasons why many soaps or face washes have citrus as one of their fragrance agents.


·Replenishes the body with electrolytes

Lemons help in better absorption of iron from food. Thus, it indirectly aids in preventing anemia. Both citric acid and vitamin C are the key components that assist in this. In a tropical country like ours, it is imperative to consume lemon juice during our hot summers. Due to the heat, we often end up with an imbalance of ions in our body. Lemons help replenish these and bring a balance.


·Rich in antioxidants

The purpose of antioxidants is to prevent the formation of free radicals. These are the compounds that have been linked to several heart diseases and even cancer. As lemons contain a lot of antioxidants, these diseases can surely be prevented.


How to use them to gain the benefits?

·As a lukewarm drink

You can squeeze half a lemon in 250 ml of lukewarm water, into which you can add a teaspoon of honey. Consuming this after your breakfast or as an evening drink can boost your metabolism. The cells in your body will start breaking down the body fat for energy and this will help you in weight loss


·As a refreshment drink

By squeezing half a lemon in 250ml of cool water, you can bring down your core body temperature. You will instantly feel cooler and refreshed. This happens because of the sodium and calcium ions in the juice.


·As a face mask

Lemons naturally have a lot of anti-inflammatory properties. This can aid in cooling redness and acne. But it must be diluted first. The juice contains a lot of concentrated acid which will increase inflammation. Thus, you can pour a few drops of the juice in honey or rose water and then dab it onto the affected area.


·As a de-tanning agent

The acids in the rind of the fruit and the juice act as a bleaching agent. You can easily dilute the juice in water and splash the water on your face or you can make a mask using 1 cup Multani-Mitti, 1 teaspoon of rose water and a few drops of lemon juice. You can apply this paste once or twice a week and gradually see your skin look brighter.


·As a face scrub

The rinds of the lemon when ground and mixed with coconut oil, makes an excellent face scrub. The rinds will gently exfoliate the skin and the oils present in the rind will act as an astringent, that will help tighten the skin. The coconut oil will aid in moisturization thus preventing dry skin.

Caution: Lemon juice is acidic in nature and should be applied on the skin only after appropriately diluting it. Moreover, a patch test is recommended before use.

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