Rose water: A great toner for all skin types

Gone are the days when people spoke about how to achieve fair skin. Today, people are embracing the various shades that human beings come in. But even then, who wouldn’t want flawless skin? Your skin could be dusky as the night sky or fair as snow white, but would you want either with a face full of marks, blemishes or acne? Even though the current cultural norm dictates you to accept yourself and love yourself for who you are, it still doesn’t change the fact that your face is what creates the first impression. Your face is the weapon that can attract others and help you gain a positive first impression!


What prevents you from getting a flawless skin?

Your skin can be divided into two layers – the top epidermis layer and the bottom dermis layer. The top layer is where all the dust and dirt settle and the bottom layer is what produces oil. When both dust and oil come in contact, it adheres itself to your skin and gives a bad appearance. You might not even notice it at first, but it slowly makes you look dirtier. Also, this oil clogs your pores and leads to the formation of acne. If you pop these acnes, they tend to leave a scar and this is what leads to blemish formation. The oil and dirt also often lead to bad microbial growth which further creates havoc on your skin. To avoid this, many dermatologists recommend the use of a one for all solution, a skin toner.


What is a toner?

A toner is a cosmetic product which is usually a lotion or a liquid, which helps in cleaning your face. It removes the dirt and oil and helps to shrink your pores. This can also be used to remove makeup. Toner is especially helpful in keeping your skin look healthy by moisturizing it and by preventing ingrown hairs. Toners can come in various forms that include natural toners and synthetic toners. One such natural toner is Rose water.


Benefits of using Rose Water as a toner

When rose petals are soaked in water, the goodness along with its scent seeps into the water. This water is what is called ‘Rose Water’. There are several additional benefits of using rose water as a skin toner which are -
  • It also has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which can help soothe and heal your skin
  • It is extremely gentle to your skin and even helps moisturize it, thus making it suitable for dry skin
  • Because rose water has a lot of astringent and hydrating properties, it is perfect for oily and combination skin types as well
  • Rose water has been proven in providing relief during migraines and headaches, so a simple massage can help you look more radiant and relaxed
  • If ingested, it won’t do any harm. It aids in digestion and so it can be applied on lips as well
  • The biggest advantage of using rose water is that it is 100% natural. Thus, it is safe for your skin
  • Lastly, it leaves a very nice scent after use thus making the user feel relaxed and in peace

How to use rose water?

  • You can pour some rose water on a cotton and dab it on your face. You can do this before going to sleep or after coming back from work
  • Men can use rose water like after-shave as it can help in healing any cuts. Dilute some in cold water and splash it onto your face
  • You can use rose water spritz and use it like a mist whenever and wherever you want. Wipe you face clean using a tissue after spritzing it
  • Rosewater can also be massaged onto your skin by mixing it with a little coconut oil. This will help improve blood circulation and will help you in looking younger
  • Lotions of rose water can aid in moisturization and you can gain the benefits of it by applying it after bathing
  • You can pour some rose water in Multani Matti and make a natural face mask. This will not only clean your skin, but the rose water will help your skin retain moisture
  • To get soft and supple lips, you can dab some rose water on your lips or you can pour a drop or two to your balm and apply it directly on your lips


In the humdrum of daily life, you may be losing your glow. But don’t let pollution, stress and work prevent you from getting your healthy skin back. Use rose water for your skin today, and take a step towards achieving that flawless and radiant skin that you have always wanted.

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