Why Men should focus on Grooming

 Tall, dark and handsome. This is a phrase that everyone is well aware of. This phrase is the representation of a perfect man in the eyes of a lady. Originating in the early 20th century, this phrase gained massive popularity and this popularity sustained over multiple decades. But the current generation is different. Women and men alike are accepting beauty in all of its forms. But a common factor which they think is a massive turn-off is a dishevelled look.


Why is Grooming important?

I conducted a survey which I circulated amongst my friends, largely comprised of women, and they were asked questions regarding what parameters they hold to categorise a man attractive and not. As I had expected, most ladies came up with words such as looks, personality, dressing sense, hygiene, hairstyle, smell and there was also an unexpected conflict of views between those who preferred a clean-shaven look and those who preferred the bearded look. 

Similarly, men gave the most importance to dressing sense, followed by looks and then personality. But what was striking was they rated hygiene as only the 2nd last important factor for them to decide whether or not they want to communicate with a man. The final factor for them was the smell.

Though the survey was only answered by a group of 20 female, age group ranging from 20-27, and 15 male, age group ranging from 20-25, it is apparent that men and women have quite a few views that conflict when we talk about a Man’s grooming. Nevertheless, when both the data are compared, the key factor that is a decision-making factor for both the groups was looks. Basically, it is an undeniable factor that those who look good, they garner instant attention.  


What does grooming encompass?

Grooming means the steps you take to keep yourself not just clean but also healthy. Something interesting to note here is that the words the survey takers used for the above experiment, most of them come under the umbrella of self-grooming. 

Your external beauty constitutes your skin, hair and even your dressing sense. And your internal beauty constitutes your hygiene and body odour. Personality varies from people to people and that honestly, is beyond anyone’s control. But with some practice, it can be tuned to specific needs. 

As explained, it is how you take care of this external and internal beauty, defines whether or not you are well-groomed. 


How can you become well-groomed?

It is quite easy and practically requires no money to achieve it. All you need to have is the will to follow the steps mentioned below, diligently and daily.  

  1. Always cleanse – Men, this is the first important step that will not just clean your skin from all the oil and dirt, but will also keep bad odour at bay. Use a good fragrant soap and make sure to scrub. 
  2. Remember to moisturise – It might sound very effeminate, but human beings should moisturize. It doesn’t matter what gender you are; you should keep your skin moisturized. Moreover, men tend to have a much harsher skin makeup than women. And so, this step is important to keep your skin look healthy.
  3. Use perfume/deodorant – How you smell really makes a lasting impression. Judicially choose a fragrance and apply it on your body (if it is a deo) or on your clothes (if it is a perfume). This will also help mask any bad odour which you will gradually develop over the day.
  4. Get regular haircuts – Chopping the unruly strands and keeping them intact is another key to making a good first impression. Even if you have a long hair, remember to trim it on regular intervals as it will make your hair grow more evenly.
  5. Groom your facial hair – Whether you prefer the stubble, or the beard or the clean-shaven look, you must keep an eye out for the growth. Men’s facial hair tends to grow very rapidly so you will have to clip or trim it as per your preference. 
  6. Maintain good hair health – Remember to shampoo and oil your hair as well as your beard on regular intervals. This will not only clean the hair but will also prevent infections or diseases which are extremely unappealing to look at. Also, do not skip the conditioner. It helps maintain the lifetime of your hair.
  7. Clip your nails – This is a tip which is crucial for men who do not colour their nails. As your nails grow, it makes your hand look unappealing and very dirty. And this is also the case for your feet. Remember to clip them before they look like you are becoming a werewolf.
  8. Dress appropriately – It is understandable that you mostly want to dress in your comfiest, but certain occasions call for certain outfits. For example, when you attend an interview. Regardless of whether you are the interviewee or the interviewer, always don well-ironed formals. And try to make it a habit to iron your clothes before donning them. It is a very good practice.
  9. Check your oral hygiene – Oral hygiene plays a very important role and as rightfully displayed in various advertisements, how your breath smells is a make or break deal. So, brush properly, floss and use mouthwash if needed. A tip; if you need a quick breath cleanser, pop a peppermint candy. It will instantly make your breath smell better.
  10. Lastly, get your beauty sleep – This is a point which most men tend to overlook. Staying up late at night, drinking and smoking, it harms your health in ways you can’t even imagine. But it clearly shows on your skin. Getting that 7-8 hours of sleep will help your body recover and heal internally and externally. So remember to sleep properly if you wish to wake up feeling fresh. 

It is you who alone has the capability of making yourself look attractive. And the tips mentioned above are not at all difficult to follow. It matters whether you want to look attractive or not. If the answer is affirmative, well, what are you waiting for?


“Grooming is the secret of real elegance. The best clothes, the most wonderful jewels, the most glamorous beauty don’t count without good grooming.”
– Christian Dior

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