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Grapefruit Essential Oil


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Rich in antioxidant content, Grapefruit Oil is known to keep acne at bay. This oil prevents bad odor. It soothes irritated skin and helps reduce redness. Rich in both Vitamin A and Vitamin C, this oil keeps a check on premature ageing of your skin, has an excellent ability to uplift the mood. Dilute on a carrier oil and dab it on your temples to feel refreshed. Something important to note is that it is highly phototoxic, thus do not apply it and step out under direct sunlight.

  • Helps regulate cravings – Grapefruit oil helps control unhealthy cravings and keep weight in check
  • Enhances mood – In Aromatherapy, grapefruit oil helps regulate mood and promotes feeling of calm and relaxation.
  • Anti-acne – Helps reduces acne and blemishes. Promotes skin health
  • Strengthens hair – Grapefruit oil mixed with olive/coconut oil cleanses scalp and promotes hair health
  • Individual results may vary from person to person

Hair: Mix a few drops in olive oil and massage on scalp, leave for 30 minutes, shampoo as usual.

Skin & Body: Dilute with Coconut oil to use as a body massage lotion.

For Aromatherapy use to uplift mood and reduce stress.

Citrus Paradisi (Grapefruit) Oil

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