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Rosemary Essential Oil


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Known as the “Dew of the Sea”, this herb finds its origin in the Mediterranean region. Often considered sacred, the herb has now gained popularity for its aromatherapeutic properties. What makes Rosemary Essential Oil popular is that it has a strong detoxifying property. The odor of the oil has a very stimulating effect which improves cognition and relieves fatigue. It is the perfect oil to eliminate any negative mood as the aroma alone entices a sense of well-being. This oil also is perfect for relieving menstrual cramps and bloating. This oil improves blood circulation and improves nutrient absorption capacity. This oil is effective on all skin types and is thus found as an additive in many cosmetic items. The application of this oil leaves a very hydrated and glowing skin.

  • Boost brain function, improves concentration and relieves mental fatigue
  • Promotes regrowth of hair – Effective in male pattern baldness
  • Mild pain reliever
  • Repels mosquitos, bugs, tics and insects
  • Reduces stress, promotes feeling of calmness by supressing cortisol levels
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Reduces inflammation to provide relief from joint pain and stiffness
  • Can be applied topically and inhaled to get instant benefits – only a few drops should be used
  • Individual results may vary from person to person

For aromatherapy uses

Uplifts mood

Relieves fatigue

Aids in clearing nasal and throat congestion

Dilute in carrier oil to make relaxing body massage oil

Helps in menstrual cramps and bloating

Soothes inflamed skin

Dilute in olive oil and massage on head to promote hair growth and reduce dandruff

Salvia rosmarinus (Rosemary) Oil

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