Only plant oil to contain all 4 omega fatty acids & 18 Amino acids:

Sea buckthorn oil hydrates skin, soothes irritated skin, reduces redness and inflammation of skin. Amino acids in this oil promote skin regeneration to make skin soft and radiant.

Treats Acne & Inflammation:

Sea buckthorn oil treats all forms of acne, rosacea and reduces inflammation of skin. Its nourishing properties strengthen skin’s regenerative processes to increase skin’s elasticity, softness and overall texture.

Superfruit for hair:

Vitamins and fatty acids in Sea buckthorn oil moisturize hair and scalp. Amino acids in this oil help prevent moisture loss and dryness of scalp. Effective in reducing dandruff and dry scalp, regular use of sea buckthorn oil strengthens hair and makes them soft and shiny

Adds shine and strength to nails:

Sea buckthorn oils contains necessary fatty acids, vitamins and proteins to hydrate nails and keep them bright and lustrous.