99% Pure Organic Aloe


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Extracted from carefully selected, organically grown mature leaves, which are thoroughly rinsed before the gel is scooped out of them. The optimal nutritional activity of the aloe plant is captured and blended with a selection of natural extracts for your benefit. Fortified with Argan and Jojoba Oil along with Vitamin C and E our 99% percent pure Aloe Vera gel soothes and calms dry, dehydrated and irritated skin, provides instant relief from sunburns and insect bites.

  • SUPERCHARGED ALOE : The cold-pressed top quality Aloe Vera Gel contains multiple soothing and protective nutrients. No Alcohol, No artificial color is used. Supercharged with rejuvenating Argan - Jojoba - Vitamin-E & Vitamin-C.
  • DEEP MOISTURIZATION FOR SKIN & SCALP: Pure Aloe Vera Mask with natural ingredients easily penetrate deep into the skin, ultimate for skin and scalp hydration, anti-acne, and anti-scar. Gets absorbed quickly without leaving a greasy residue.
  • FAST RELIEF for SUNBURN and DAMAGED SKIN: Aloe Vera gel calms irritated skin. It speeds up natural healing of damaged skin, helps with sunburn.
  • FIT for FOOT and HAIR: Redux Aloe Vera gel soothes blisters, moisturizes face skin after shave. It helps condition your hair, reduces frizz and dandruff.
  • NATURALLY RICH IN NOURISHING VITAMINS – Includes dozens of vitamins. Nourishes and helps maintain healthy skin.

Usage Instructions:

For Face and Body: Apply on cleansed face and body before moisturizer. Squeeze ample quantity on your palm and spread evenly on your face, neck, and other parts of the body, as required. Massage gently to increase absorption.

For Hair: Before shampoo gently massage the Aloe Vera Gel on the scalp and leave for 10 minutes. Shampoo afterward and rinse thoroughly. Can also be used as a conditioner after shampoo. Individual results may vary.


Aloe Vera Gel - Xanthan Gum - Moroccan Argan Oil - Jojoba Oil - Tocopherol Acetate - Vitamin C




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