Captain Thug Beard Conditioner Oil – Medieval

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Golden Jojoba, Apricot Kernel Oil, Cold-Pressed Aloe Vera Extract, Bulgarian Lavender Oil, Cedarwood Oil, Wheat Germ Oil and 3 More Premium Hydrating Oils. Our recipes have been formulated with a background in Aromatherapy and natural skin and hair care, and have been thoroughly tested on real beards.

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Captain Thug Medieval Beard Oil for men is the perfect balance of premium grade organic oils that are best suited for your beard nurturing and growth needs which will leave the beard feeling light and well-conditioned. The essential oils are an ideal concoction to moisturize your skin, cure beardruff and prevent it from reoccurring. Captain Thug Medieval beard oil has antiseptic, antibacterial properties with a woodsy scent which is intoxicating, bold and that exudes masculine virility, Simply the best beard oil for the urban men.

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1 review for Captain Thug Beard Conditioner Oil – Medieval

  1. Kort (verified owner)

    I’m a newcomer to Captain Thug Beard Oil products but I’m hooked — and I don’t even sport a beard! The closest I usually get is Miami Vice stubble over a long weekend. This oil formulated and manufactured in India is good so much more than however. It soothes the skin after shaving, keeps all body parts soft and hydrated, fights dry itchy skin, works well on other hair, and nurtures the tough skin of the feet and toes while providing a rich scent.

    I’ve tried 3 Thug beard oils thus far. They include Old World, Medieval, and Renaissance — Medieval being my favorite scent wise. It has an earthy, rustic, manly scent that I really enjoy and my wife thinks “is hot”. The formulation is similar between them all with the oils that impart scent being the primary difference. It is strong at first but fades after about half an hour. The oil itself is thin and absorbs well into skin and hair. The glass dropper has a flexible base and is very easy to use.

    The Captain Thug Beard Oils are ornately packaged with care, coming with distinctive seals of authenticity and a production date that suggests a 24 month lifespan. They’d make a great gift for just about anyone as long as they understand it works for more than just hair.

    ~ Kort

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