Charcoal Peel Off Mask

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  • ACTIVATED CHARCOAL : Makes pore smaller by pulling out excess oil and dirt, cures oily skin, reduces acne.
  • RETINYL PALMITATE & GRAPEFRUIT EXTRACT : Treats wrinkles, improves skin tone, encourages growth of healthier skin cells.
  • ENRICHED WITH VITAMIN E : Protects from harmful effects of free radicals, prevents UV damage
  • PANTHENOL and CALENDULA FLOWER EXTRACT: Improves skin’s elasticity, moisturizes, smoothens the skin and helps with red skin, inflammation, sores etc.
  • PEPPERMINT – TEATREE & ORANGE OIL : Facial cleanser, protection from allergies, boosts skin repair and promotes healthier skin
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All-natural composition to gently and deeply cleanse your skin and help against blackheads, whiteheads, dirt, excess oil and grime. Enriched with nourishing agents that hydrate and pamper the skin while removing all the accumulated impurities. Our supercharged composition takes care of your skin by nourishing it with ingredients like retinyl palmitate, grapefruit extract, vitamin E, Peppermint, tea-tree and Orange oil that, together, not only remove impurities but also nourish the skin to make it radiant and flawless by reversing sun damage and damage from free radicals and providing moisturization to the skin at the same time. For best results, we recommend washing your face with tap water and pat dry using a hot towel to open pores before applying a thin layer of the mask to allow the peel-off mask to work at the deepest levels.

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