How to get flawless skin like your favourite K-Pop star

Anyone who is following the latest music trends is well aware of BTS (BangtanSonyeodan / Beyond The Scene). They have swept the world with their music and have created history by winning Billboard music awards and by performing at Grammy’s. They have been called the harbinger of the Korean Wave or the Hallyu Wave. But this not just includes music, but it also encompasses their culture as well as entertainment. 

Because of the recent popularity of K-Pop, K-Drama’s and K-Movies, people have noticed something about their actors and actresses. Their flawless skin. And this isn’t just about A-list celebrities, Korean people generally have very clear, youthful and snow-white skin. But did you know you too can achieve flawless skin just like them? Read on, because I will be sharing the coveted secret skincare routine that Koreans follow.  

The 4 Steps to abide by 

Korean skincare routine is more like a regiment because discipline is the core to succeeding in achieving that clear skin. There are 4 must-do steps that you need to follow, which are –  

  • Cleanse

Cleansing is a crucial step to get rid of all the dirt, grime and sweat. Massaging your face, while you do so, helps in proper blood circulation on your face while releasing toxins. It is a 2-step process where you cleanse your face twice – first by cleansing your dry face and then after wetting it with water. This dual cleansing is recommended by dermatologists as it removes both oil-soluble impurities as well as water-soluble one’s.  

  • Prepare

This a is a preliminary step where in your clear your clogged pores and get rid of the dead skin cells. The dead skin cells often impart a dull appearance, and getting rid of it can be tough. Thus, exfoliation is necessary.  

  • Nourish

After cleansing and exfoliating your face, some products might remain on your skin. Moreover, cleansing and the preparation step is harsh to your face and to soothe the effects of it; you should use a toner. This helps repair your top-most skin layer, and it simultaneously rehydrates your skin as well. 

  • Protect

The quintessential step that must not be avoided even if you skip a few of the above steps is moisturization. This step tackles the problems of all skin types- oily, dry or combination. This step is essential if you wish to avoid skin diseases, blemishes and frequent acne breakouts. Moisturizing is like pampering your skin so that it remains healthy and ever glowing. 


How to perform this at home? 

  • Cleanse

This is a 2-step process wherein you first use an oil-based cleanser, followed by a water-based cleanser. Perform this both before stepping out of your house and before going to bed.  

  • Oil-based cleansing

· This is applied to your dry skin directly. Gently massaging your face with an oil-based cleanser is the way to go, as it penetrates deeper into your pores and gets rid of excess sebum. This prevents the formation of acne or pimple. 

· It also additionally helps in removing oil-based products that you had applied on your face before stepping out of your house. 

· If you do not have a cleanser at home, you can use jojoba oil or coconut oil instead. You should then apply lukewarm water to quicken the action of cleansing.  

  • Water-based cleansing

· This should be applied on your damp skin and massage is essential here as well to effectively 

· Most plant extracts containing cleansers are water-based but check the label before buying one. 

· Alternatively, you can brew fresh green tea and mix the extract with you foaming cleanser/face wash.



· Exfoliation can help your skin look brighter and smoother. 

· Performing this, especially after coming back from work, will help you get better skin. 

· The best type of exfoliator for this is an acid-based one. AHA or BHA containing products will help yield a better result as it effectively removes dirt and also breaks the bond that is between your dead skin and new skin. 

· You can alternatively prepare a homemade exfoliator using curd, sugar and honey, but I highly recommend that you buy a lab-tested product to avoid any allergic reactions.



· Pat your face dry using a clean towel and then with the help of a cotton pad, swipe the toner on your face. You can also dab it onto your skin.

· Using a rosewater toner is excellent for all skin types as it effectively hydrates your skin, tightens your collagen and also re-balances your pH level.

· But for those who are looking to remove tan, a citric acid-based toner would be a better fit

· For a dryer skin though, an aloe-based toner is better



· The best moisturization for your skin when you are going out at day is those that have an SPF. The sun protection factor is vital as the entire skincare routine will go useless if you step out at the sun, and you have no protection from its harmful UV rays. So do not skip that sunscreen.

· At night, you can switch to using a hyaluronic acid-containing cream which can help your skin look hydrated and plump. 

· Using a retinol-based moisturizer is also a good option, and it has proven benefits in getting a youthful skin. 


Other tricks

  • While the 4 steps are essential, you can substitute products depending on your skin type. It is recommended that you do thorough research before buying or applying any product on your skin.
  • Korean’s also use eye creams, sheet masks, face mists and even serums, but you can skip these and stick to the key 4 elements. 
  • Something interesting that you should know is that Koreans eat a lot of fermented food. This is also a key factor in aiding to their flawless skin. Fermented food introduces multiple goof microbes in your gut which helps in cleansing your body from the inside. So, take your curd/yoghurt regularly and avoid junk. Gradually, you will definitely achieve that flawless look that you desire. 


To conclude, 
“I regret taking such good care of my skin”
-Said no one ever.

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