How to grow your hair long – For Men

Gone are the days when men were ostracized for maintaining long hair. Nowadays, it is not considered feminine anymore for keeping your mane longer than the buzzed army cut. With mainstream actors like Jason Momoa and Chris Hemsworth, playing Aquaman and Thor respectively, the trend of maintaining long hair is rapidly gaining traction. With these hunky leads revolutionizing the hair care industry, it isn’t a very new trend.


The long hair for men trend


The origin of magnificent locks for men isn’t something very new but rather finds its roots to the world’s history. The English and French maintained platinum blonde locks which they often tied with satin ribbons. But much before that, Viking men also maintained long hair, and it was a matter of pride for them to be able to grow a beard as long as their hair. Even Chinese and Korean Kings of dynasties old, maintained long hair which they would even grow past their waist. But coming to the current generation, there are many popular male actors, who for the sake of their characters, have been very successful in pulling off that long-haired hunky look. A few worthwhile mentions are –


  • The Nordic God Thor: Chris Hemsworth made it clear that you could pull off medium curls with a muscular build and still look like Heaven had blessed him. But the only one who can remotely stand a chance against his locks would only be his adopted brother, Loki
  • The God of Mischief, Loki: Tom Hiddleston has a habit of experimenting with the roles that he plays but also makes sure to dye his hair the way his role demands in to be. Naturally, as he agrees, his hair can be a bit unruly. But as Loki, his hair added to his sinister character but yet made him look extremely likeable.
  • The King of Atlantis, Aquaman: It wasn’t the first time that Jason Momoa sported long manes as he was previously seen playing the role of the Great Khal in Game of Thrones, which also demanded him to grow out his locks. And he did justice to both the characters, in terms of hairstyling atleast.
  • The gorgeous Elf, Legolas: When Orlando Bloom was cast to play the role of the Elf, there wasn’t any doubt regarding his acting skills. But when Lord of the Rings debuted, his super-long platinum blonde locks mesmerized men and women-alike.
  • Winchester brother, Sam: Stepping away from mainstream cinema, Jared Padalecki’s Sam Winchester has a massive fan following and his popularity stems from his appeal to the mass, which would not have been successful without his hairstyle. This is also the reason why since 2005 till-date, Sam Winchester has always sported a long hair look. 


Can you too sport the long hair?


Well, of course! Any man can pull off that long hairstyle as long as he grows it to suit his facial structure. With proper care and maintenance, you can grow out your mane and not look shabby. With men, as many hairstylists have observed, it’s the lack of nurturing that ruins the appeal that longer hair is supposed to create. Men often tend to overlook the use of certain bottled products fearing the loss of hair. But the interesting fact is that most of these bottled products have become a necessity as pollution grows, which is the real reason for hair loss (apart from hereditary reasons). So, what is it that you can do to grow out your hair and still look neat and manly?


Haircare tips for men who wish to grow their hair


  • Oiling – Something that many men dislike, oiling, is essential for growing healthy hair. The best kind of oil for your hair and scalp is coconut oil. Applying it on the scalp and leaving it on your hair all through the night and then shampooing removes not only dirt but also nourishes your scalp. 
  • Shampoo – It is essential to keep your scalp clean so that the hair follicles can stimulate hair growth. If the follicles are clogged with oil or dirt, it will not only make your hair grow thinner but will also generate acne and dandruff on your scalp. But do not overdo it. Too much shampoo will reverse the effect and make your hair weaker.
  • Conditioner – Actors vouch by the use of conditioners to make their hair look not just shiny but well moisturized. The role of a conditioner is to retain moisture and prevent frizz. Utilize it only on your hair tips and not on the scalp as it might do more harm than good.
  • Brushing – You should never leave her hair untamed. Not only does it make you look shabby, but it also is not good for your hair. And unkempt hair attracts and locks dirt and oil in between the strands. This further weakens your hair and makes it look dull. Eventually, this leads to hair loss. Use a boar bristle hairbrush as it does not tear the strands. 
  • Trimming – It is quite natural that you might want to avoid the barber if you plan on growing your hair. But it will only make your hair grow haphazardly and ruin your entire look. Generally, the side of your head has a faster hair growth as compared to the top. Thus, regularly trim the sides to let your top grow enough. This will create a balance that will make your hair growth look more natural. 
  • Hairstyling – Though not an absolute, it is still suggested that you avoid styling or dying it while you grow your hair. It generally tends to make your hair weak, and the strands might break off. 
  • Healthy lifestyle – The last but the most important thing that you should follow is to maintain a healthy eating and workout habit. Exercising daily and eating a balanced diet allows your body to become stronger from the inside out. This will directly affect your hair quality and the speed at which your hair grows. 


Are hair growth supplements worth it?


Vitamins enriched serums or the use of biotin oil could be a good alternative if you are looking to grow your hair out fast. These are also known to control hair loss. But there are oral supplements as well available in the market that claims to prevent hair loss and accelerated hair growth. But it is much wiser to avoid oral supplements as it generally tends to mess with your hormones. It is better to let your hair grow out naturally.

Remember, growing your hair involves patience. Will take time, but if you heed to the bits of advice mentioned above, you’ll love your result. 

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